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Mood Wax | Flowering Clove & Sandalwood

Mood Wax | Flowering Clove & Sandalwood

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Simple, chic, and classically beautiful, this special candle features premium fragrance and wax along with very special tubular wood wick. Hand poured into mini glass Aura candle vessel and a sprinkling of bio glitter on top for some special magic.

Choose from a mini mood candle or a handpoured clamshell of Massage Wax Mood melts.

These are perfect to take on a weekend or overnight getaway! 

Massage wax is so dreamy to use and feels calming and relaxing on the skin. Share it with a partner for an extra special experience! Just melt in a wax melter then drip or smooth on skin. You can also use the massage wax as a normal wax melt.

Scent profile: Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud, Lily. Tobacco Leaf, Cassia, Black Dahlia, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Raw Sugar

Beeswax Coco Creme is a premium wax blend that offers the greatest cold and hot throw and is long burning! Featuring a crackling wooden wick.

These unique tube wicks ar made from sappy fruit trees and sourced from FSC-certified mills and made in the USA, round wood wicks provide a gorgeous circular-shaped flame.

Candle Net wt. approx 3 oz | Mood Melts approx 4 oz.

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