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The Beekeeper's Wife Product Bases

The Beekeeper's Wife Product Bases

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Unlock the potential of your business and experience the luxuriousness of my lip balm, body balm, and soap blend bases. These are the exact same bases I have used in my own products, and they've been 5-star rated by my customers for the past 14 years.

If you're searching for high-quality, outstanding bases, then you'll adore these! All the hard work has been done for you, allowing you to craft beautiful products like mine!

No more buying multiple ingredients, weighing, blending, or storing - you'll save time and money with the formula already perfected and ready to go.

The Beekeeper's Wife Lip Balm Base- just melt it, add some lip safe color if desired along with some flavor and pour into your lip balm containers! It is so easy! You can use it as is with no added color or flavor. It is amazing and natural is my best seller. Instructions and supply list will come to your email via a digital download after you complete your purchase. The 7.5 oz jar will make approx 50 standard .15 oz lip balm and the 32 oz size will make a bit over 200!

These lip balms retail anywhere from $3.50-$5 each.

I plan to also offer a Shea butter blend and a Mango butter blend if there is an interest in it. Let me know!

The Beekeeper's Wife Body Balm Base- (solid lotion) this is made the same as the lip balm base where you simply melt it, add your color or scent if desired then pour it into your molds. Instructions and supply list will come to your email via a digital download after you complete your purchase. The 8 oz size is intended to be a trial size or refill and will make 4 of the 2 oz body balm bars and the 32 oz size makes 16.

Tip! This can also be used as a refill option for customers who purchase my body balm and want to reuse their clamshell! 

Each 2 oz. body balm bar retails for $12

The Beekeeper's Wife 32 and 112 oz Soap Base Blend.

Save 20% when  you buy a case of 6 of 7lb jugs!- Instructions are included but I do recommend you have an understanding of basic soap making and lye safety. Cold process soap is more involved than melt and pour and does require some skill, My bases can be used by beginners but the instructions are not meant to be a "how to make soap" tutorial. Please educate yourself on the basics before attempting to make soap if you have never made it before. You will also need to have basic soap making tools to use this base. Instructions and supply list will come to your email via a digital download after you complete your purchase

I sell my soaps for $10-$12 retail. 

I can't wait to see what you make! Tag @beekeepers.wife on instagram and use #hivecrafted for a chance to be featured on my page!

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