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Nice product

Makes things easy

The Beekeeper's Wife Maker's Blend

Excited about using this Maker's Blend to make soap and lotion bars. Thank-you so much for creating this for other's - it will save so much time and energy. I can focus more on the imaginative process instead of all the mathematical measures.
With Much Gratitude

This is my second purchase and I’m still amazed by this product. This oil blend is amazing! It’s definitely worth it!😊

Arrived on time and well packaged. Soaped beautifully!! I cannot wait for the cut. :)

The Most Gorgeous Soaps Ever Created!

First, I personally love all of these soaps! Not only are they gorgeous, but the quality and how they make my skin feel are beyond compare.

Second, I sell these soaps in my shop and sell out all the time! Now, I am using the bases to create my own and I feel so great about creating such an amazing product backed by the quality of Andrea’s bases!

Highly recommend! 10 Stars!

Obsessed with this blend

I’m a pretty experienced soap maker and I LOVE my finely-honed recipe, but my customers wanted a vegan bar, which I’ve struggled over the years to provide (I just haven’t had the time and space to formulate my own recipe), so it was a HUGE plus when I discovered Andrea’s Maker’s Blend.
It’s a wonderful recipe and having all the oils pre-blended has been an incredible timesaver! Taking the task of having to measure out all the oils off my plate has saved me SO MUCH TIME and allowed me to ramp up production this past month!
(I had to reach out to Andrea with a question about the recipe and she dropped everything and she helped me out with a quick call — customer service is off the charts)
Highly recommend!

Made so many beautiful bars, and balms. Obsessed

Candle Trio

These candles smell so good, I can't wait to light them the next time I'm soaking in my bathtub❤️

These are gorgeous ! What a beautiful packaging of the three candles in a lovely box packed so perfectly for gift giving ! I love these scents ! I hope you will do these in a Christmas trio! And a Fall trio…. And a …… I can’t get enough!!!!

Worth every dollar. Beautiful scent, beautiful holder, love the box it came in, the wax and wick burner so evenly and the crackle from the wood wick is lovely ! I love these! So glad you make candles now! I am buying more ! My new fave !

Obsessed. Beautiful container, love the dried flowers, the scent is perfect! The labels are even gorgeous ! I can’t get enough of these !!! Best candle I have bought in a long time!

These are the very best candles I have purchased in quite a while. I am a candle addict, candle snob, candle connoisseur, candle hoarder. I have tried almost every candle on the market & this one is in my top 3 faves of all time for Scent, beautiful container/packing & amazing wax/burn. You will NOT be disappointed. The throw from the scent is perfect, not too strong as to give you a headache but strong enough to fill the room. It is a beautiful, heavy container with dried flowers placed in between the two pieces of glass. Makes a beautiful gift ! I am buying more today! In. Love! #obsessed

Love 💕

I love my new candle! The throw from this blend of aromatics is euphoric and permeates the air with its lovely floral notes. The double wall hand blown glass is so beautiful and delicate! If you are a candle lover, I highly recommend!

Make my day!

I love, love, love these soaps! The highest grade of soap on the market! I’m always happier after using the Beekeeper’s wife soaps! So very beautiful and equally calming. I love to shower after meditation and BW soaps extend my inner peace ☮️

Angel 👼🏻

Thank your for adding new exquisite scents to the body balm lotion bars! Heavenly is my favorite! The blend of oils & beeswax feels so luxurious on my skin! But oh the scent- just fabulous! I’m ordering more today!


I’ve purchased several different brands of soap for my husband, some on line and some in local markets. The Beekeepers Wife Woodsman is by far is his favorite soap. Thank you for such an amazing product’! Oh and your packaging is beautiful.

First time maker

This soap blend is awesome it’s easy to use not much work and it makes your soaps lather good definitely would recommend other first time soap makers such as myself.

I truly love the soap blend. Fast shipping and delivery. And I love the fact recipes come with the purchase

Made a batch of CP and it works great.

Feels nice on the body! Doesn't cause any drying of my skin. Smells nice too!

These are perfect for all my "almost gone" soaps. Soft and they create a good lather!

Gave this as a gift and she loved it!

Super soft. I use it for my face and it works wonderful.

This tastes amazing!! Will definitely be ordering again!

Honey Latte

the best ever