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Spring Creamed Honey

Spring Creamed Honey

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12 oz Square Jar of our Raw Creamed Honey.
It’s 100% Pure with no additives or processing. Just how the bees made it!
What is creamed honey, you ask?  It is the controlled process of crystallization so that the honey is smooth like peanut butter instead of the typical large crystals that form.
You keep it on your counter or pantry and it will remain the same consistency since it is already crystallized.  It's delicious!

Use it in your tea or coffee, make sandwiches with it, use it in sauces, substitute for sugar in some recipes or just eat it plain.  100% Natural Food with no additives. It's good for you!

Please note:  During hot weather, creamed honey can melt and return to its liquid honey state. That does not ruin the honey, however, it will no longer be the same consistency
If you live in an area that is hot during the summer  please be aware that we do not guarantee your creamed honey will not melt.

Creamed honey shipping is calculated by weight for USPS priortity and is separate from other items purchased.

Idaho customers - Our time in Idaho has come to an end so there is no longer a local pick up option. Thank you!

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