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Beekeeper's Wife Maker's Blend

Beekeeper's Wife Maker's Blend

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Make your own cold process soap at home without worrying about a recipe or complicated ingredients. Free shipping for jugs and maker's cases!

Just add lye water, fragrance and colorant.

Use it as is for an outstanding bar soap or create your own SIGNATURE recipe using the easy customization tool included with your order! Add ingredients like tallow, shea butter and more to make it your own that fits your product line.

This proprietary blend is a luxury base that is palm free, cruelty-free, non-gmo and made with all food grade ingredients. Perfect for creating cold process soap, body balm and lip balms, this innovative 3-in-1 blend includes avocado oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and rice bran oil. It's an easy, pre-measured solution for crafting high-quality, 5-star rated products.

1 Jug will make approx 32 4.5 oz bars of soap cut 1' thick.

Read below for benefits, supply list and discount codes 

Benefits of using The Beekeeper's Wife Maker's Blend

  • Make beautiful products without the trial and error of formulating.
  • Convenient & time saving - you don't have to order, store and weigh multiple ingredients. 
  • Customizable - comes with an easy to use calculator to incorporate other ingredients to make it your own recipe. The base is vegan but you can add milks and tallows if that compliments your product line.
  • Receive supply lists & recipes to make cold process soap, body balm and lip balm.
  • Access to The Beekeeper's Wife Makers group on Facebook. Ask questions,  receive new recipes and troubleshooting. Just request to join after you have made your Maker's Blend purchase. Search for the group, Beekeeper's Wife Makers.

Basic supplies you will need:

Soap Mold or individual cavity molds | Mixing Container | Scale | Stick Blender | Goggles | Gloves | Spatula | Small Glasses, Bowls or Paper Cups | Sodium Hydroxide {Lye} | Distilled Water | Fragrance/Essential Oil.

If making lip balm you will need empty tubes and lids.

You can shop some of my favorite supplies and equipment at the links below and receive a discount!

I recommend you have an understanding of basic soap making and lye safety. Cold process soap is more involved than melt and pour and does require some skill, This Maker's Blend can be used by beginners but the instructions are not meant to be a "how to make soap" tutorial. Please educate yourself on the basics before attempting to make soap if you have never made it before. You will also need to have basic soap making tools to begin. No experience necessary for the body and lip balm recipes.

Complimentary shipping when purchasing 112 oz Jug or Maker's Case

Save more when purchasing 5 Maker's Cases - local pick up

I can't wait to see what you make! Tag @beekeepers.wife on instagram and use #beekeeperswife for a chance to be featured on my page!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Carol H.
Nice product

Makes things easy

Kelly M.
The Beekeeper's Wife Maker's Blend

Excited about using this Maker's Blend to make soap and lotion bars. Thank-you so much for creating this for other's - it will save so much time and energy. I can focus more on the imaginative process instead of all the mathematical measures.
With Much Gratitude


This is my second purchase and I’m still amazed by this product. This oil blend is amazing! It’s definitely worth it!😊


Arrived on time and well packaged. Soaped beautifully!! I cannot wait for the cut. :)

Optimistic S.(.L.
Obsessed with this blend

I’m a pretty experienced soap maker and I LOVE my finely-honed recipe, but my customers wanted a vegan bar, which I’ve struggled over the years to provide (I just haven’t had the time and space to formulate my own recipe), so it was a HUGE plus when I discovered Andrea’s Maker’s Blend.
It’s a wonderful recipe and having all the oils pre-blended has been an incredible timesaver! Taking the task of having to measure out all the oils off my plate has saved me SO MUCH TIME and allowed me to ramp up production this past month!
(I had to reach out to Andrea with a question about the recipe and she dropped everything and she helped me out with a quick call — customer service is off the charts)
Highly recommend!