The Beekeeper's Wife Soap Ingredients

From the very beginning, I wanted to make soap that was kind to the planet as well as your skin. 

My promise to you is that the soap you purchase from me is made from sustainable, plant based and food grade ingredients. My cold process soap recipe does not contain palm oil, animal fats or surfactants and you can trust that my soap ingredients are cruelty free. I developed my recipe based on the properties I wanted for my soaps and not what the cost would be for each ingredient.

You get what you pay for but just because a soap is high priced doesn't mean it is high quality. Always check the ingredients!  I fairly price my items because I want to provide excellent quality for an affordable price.

Here are my ingredients in alphabetical order: (the oils are pure, non gmo and not cosmetic blends- meaning they are single oils and not multiple oil blends)

  • Avocado Oil- hydrates deep layers of skin and is vitamin packed
  • Castor Oil- luxurious lather that is dense and moisturizing
  • Clays- add color, texture, exfoliation or slip to soap
  • Cocoa Butter- a moisturizing skin protectant that adds to the hardness of the bar
  • Coconut Milk (organic)- makes incredibly creamy and silky lather.
  • Coconut Oil- rich lather and healing properties
  • Micas- vibrant rich colors that are skin safe.
  • Raw Honey- a natural humectant, it will draw moisture to the skin. High sugar content increases the lathering properties of soap and it is also an antioxidant.
  • Rice Bran Oil- adds a silky look and feel to the soap 
  • Salt- softens the skin, hardens the soap and can make it last longer.
  • Silk- adds a luxurious silky feel to cold process soap.
  • Sodium Hydroxide- this is lye. Soap cannot be made without it and the finished product has no lye remaining due to the chemical reaction that creates soap! Isn't science cool? If someone says their "soap" contains no lye, it is NOT soap. Even melt and pour soap is made with lye. 

Fragrances and Essential Oils play a big role in being good for you and the planet. I choose high quality fragrances and essential oils that are cruelty free, paraben free and phthalate free. I use the maximum safe usage rate so it won't irritate your skin.

Lastly, you will often see botanicals and bio glitter made from Eucalyptus on the tops of my soaps. All are cruelty free and eco friendly.

If you ever have any questions about my ingredients or soap ingredients in general, please send me a message and I am happy to chat!