The Beekeeper's Wife Pineapple and Oats Soap Recipe

This recipe makes about 5 pounds of soap. You can split the recipe in half or double it as needed for your mold size. You can also pour into cavity molds.

Pineapple extract is a botanical extract and not an essential oil so there is no aroma. Just pure awesome soap that is great for your skin!


  • 1800 gr BW Maker's Blend get it here
  • 170 gr Organic Coconut Milk (Festival Brand is what I use)
  • 110 gr Pineapple Extract (I got mine from Bramble Berry but they don’t carry it any more) DO NOT USE FLAVORING EXTRACT. It is not the same) I found this one:
  • 90 gr Colloidal Oatmeal 
  • 247 gr lye
  • 368.5 gr water
  • 5 tsp Sodium Lactate or Himalayan Salt (add this to your lye water)
  • Fragrance or Essential Oil if you would like - percentage amount determined by manufacturer recommendation.




  1.  Measure out oils

  2.  Measure and mix well the coconut milk, oatmeal and pineapple extract (and fragrance if using).
  3.  Carefully add lye water to the oils.
  4.  Blend just to emulsion..
  5.  Pour the milk, oatmeal and extract mixture in and gently mix until very light trace.
  6.  Pour into your mold(s


  • You can reduce your wait time by making your lye solution with ice instead of water!
  • If you want to pipe a design on the top like I did, just pour off some of the batter into a piping bag. Wait for the right consistency then pipe your design. I use a Wilton M tip.
  • Add a garnish of oats on top to decorate.
  • This soap might be a tad soft so you may want to wait a day or so before unmolding. It is worth the wait!! The lather is so dreamy.

 Have fun and I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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