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Honey Bee Fiber Art Felted Soap

Honey Bee Fiber Art Felted Soap

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These cute soaps have a honey bee needle felted on them and are scented in my popular Coconut Dreams scent ♥️

I use only fine or superfine Falkland's Merino roving- no craft store wool! This wool is very soft and luxurious. Each design is done freehand and needle felted by me and is done in several layers, much like a painting only with wool and a needle!

You are purchasing a functional piece of art!

My felted soap designs are made using the wet felt then needle felting technique. Each one is unique.

What is FELTED SOAP you ask?

Felt from wool is considered to be the oldest known textile!

Before there were loofahs and washcloths, people used an old fashioned bar of soap sewn into a felted wool covering. The wool was exfoliating and had antibacterial qualities, and the soap created a nice lather without wasting its suds. The wool will shrink down as the soap is used up and once all the soap is gone you can use it as a scrubby.

I have taken fine natural Merino Wool and felted it onto my handmade soap.  My soaps are made from scratch in small batches using only the best ingredients!  Once cured and felted, I then take it a step further and NEEDLE FELT a design onto it. Each one is unique!

To use a felted soap you simply wet it, rub the fibers to build up a lather then wash with it. It replaces your bath pouf or loofah and body wash. No more plastic!!!

A felted soap will last up to 5 times longer than an unfelted bar. Be sure and let it drain well and dry between  uses.

Benefits of using a Felted Soap:

All natural soap | Gentle exfoliant | Great lather | Hypoallergenic | Lasts up to 5 x longer!

dimensions 2.75" x 2.75 x .5'

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